Salam, for your guidance

Do not beat around the bush

Surah 2:104 O ye of Faith! Say not words of ambiguous import, but words of respect; and hearken (to him): To those without Faith is a grievous punishment.

Eat good food, remember and be thankful to God

>>>Surah 2:172 – O ye who believe! Eat of the good things that We have provided for you, and be grateful to Allah, if it is Him ye worship.

>>>Surah 6:118 – So eat of (meats) on which Allah’s name hath been pronounced, if ye have faith in His signs.

>>>Surah 16:114 – So eat of the sustenance which Allah has provided for you, lawful and good; and be grateful for the favors of Allah, if it is He Whom ye serve.

If the mouth is filthy the heart is worst

>>>Surah 3:118 O ye who believe! Take not into your intimacy those outside your ranks: They will not fail to corrupt you. They only desire your ruin: Rank hatred has already appeared from their mouths: What their hearts conceal is far worse. We have made plain to you the Signs, if ye have wisdom.

The gifts of God is to be shared

>>>Surah 3:180 And let not those who covetously withhold of the gifts which Allah hath given them of His Grace, think that it is good for them: Nay, it will be the worse for them: soon shall the things which they covetously withheld be tied to their necks like a twisted collar, on the Day of Judgment. To Allah belongs the heritage of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.

Be sensitive when making accusation

>>>Surah 4:148 Allah love not that evil should be noised abroad in public speech, except where injustice hath been done; for Allah is He who hear and know all things.

Wear smartly and do not waste

>>>Surah 7:31 O Children of Adam! Wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer: eat and drink: But waste not by excess, for Allah love not the wasters.

Be tolerance and humble

>>>Surah 16:125 Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious: for thy Lord know best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.

Take refuge from God

>>>Surah 23:96-97 Repel evil with that which is best: We are well acquainted with the things they say. And say “O my Lord! I seek refuge with Thee from the suggestions of the Evil Ones.

Use the wealth for this world and the hereafter

>>>Surah 28:77 “But seek, with the (wealth) which Allah has bestowed on thee, the Home of the Hereafter, nor forget thy portion in this world: but do thou good, as Allah has been good to thee, and seek not (occasions for) mischief in the land: for Allah loves not those who do mischief.”

Whatever you sacrifice for others will be replaced

>>>Surah 34:39 Say: “Verily my Lord enlarges and restricts the Sustenance to such of his servants as He pleases: and nothing do ye spend in the least (in His cause) but He replaces it: for He is the Best of those who grant Sustenance.

Listen and apprehend to take the best meaning

>>>Surah 39:18 Those who listen to the Word, and follow the best (meaning) in it: those are the ones whom Allah has guided, and those are the ones endued with understanding.

Be forgiven to control your temper

>>>Surah 42:37 Those who avoid the greater crimes and shameful deeds, and, when they are angry even then forgive.

Confer and exchange views with one another

>>>Surah 42:38 Those who hearken to their Lord and establish regular prayer; who (conduct) their affairs by mutual consultation; who spend out of what We bestow on them for Sustenance.

Remember God when starting a journey or travelling

>>>Surah 43:13-14 In order that ye may sit firm and square on their backs and when so seated, ye may celebrate the (kind) favor of your Lord, and say, “Glory to Him Who has subjected these to our (use), for we could never have accomplished this (by ourselves), “And to our Lord, surely, must we turn back!”

Give respect for other

>>>Surah 58:11 O ye who believe! When ye are told to make room in the assemblies, (spread out and) make room: (ample) room will Allah provide for you. And when ye are told to rise up, rise up Allah will rise up, to (suitable) ranks (and degrees), those of you who believe and who have been granted (mystic) Knowledge. And Allah is well-acquainted with all ye do.

Honor your words

>>>Surah 61:2-3 O ye who believe! Why say ye that which ye do not? Grievously odious is it in the sight of Allah that ye say that which ye do not.

Treat loan to the needy as charity

>>>Surah 64:17 If ye loan to Allah, a beautiful loan, He will double it to your (credit), and He will grant you Forgiveness: for Allah is most Ready to appreciate (service), Most Forbearing.